About Us

The Adams County Communication Center, also known as ADCOM911, is a non-profit Police and Fire/EMS Dispatch Center located in Adams County, Colorado. It is our mission to provide quality communication, dispatch and data services to both our member agencies and the citizens we serve.

ADCOM911 was founded in 1974 with the intent to provide a single, shared resource for emergency and routine dispatch services to public safety entities that chose to participate. The participating agencies used a collaborative approach, where the capital and operating expenses would be shared amongst each of them, based on their proportional use of the system. The concept allowed for a great deal of flexibility, because each agency could make a smaller financial contribution, but still realize the same benefits they would have received using their own dispatch center.

To that end, ADCOM911 first began live operations in April of 1975, and the same member agencies that formed the organization are member agencies to this day. Over time, additional entities have joined ADCOM911 as a member agency. The current list of members includes:

Law Enforcement
Fire Protection

ADCOM911 is governed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for the oversight and accountability of the organization. Each member agency contributes a single representative, usually the Chief of their own organization, to participate as a Board Member. The Board meets regularly to discuss the ongoing operation of the Center.

In addition to the agencies listed above, ADCOM911 provides contract dispatch services to the Strasburg Fire Department, which does not contribute a voting member to the Board of Directors.

ADCOM911 was formed as a non-profit entity, whose sole mission was to provide communication services to the agencies it serves. As such, both capital expenses and operational expenses are paid by each member and contract agency. Each year, ADCOM911 prepares a budget which covers all expenses for the coming year, and calculates the number of requests for service generated on behalf of each agency. Each agency then proportionally splits the cost of the budget, based on their annual use of the system.

ADCOM911 currently serves a population of approximately 440,000 citizens, through both emergency 911 calls and non-emergency phone calls. In 2013, ADCOM911 processed over 300,000 requests for service based on citizen calls. To date in 2014, ADCOM911 has generated over 181,000 requests for service, making ADCOM911 one of the largest and busiest emergency call centers in the State of Colorado.

ADCOM911 employs state of the art equipment and technology for phone, radio, and mobile communications.